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September 2015 Trip to Mauritius

From29th September to 9th October, a group of 8 pupils of the GPL Centre, accompanied by 4 teachers, went on an educational trip to Mauritius. The first new experience was the flight instead of the usual sea voyage, and our thanks to the staff of Air Mauritius for their patience and care.

Our Commissioner for Sports, Mr. Mael, organized lodgings for us at Flic en Flac Outdoor Centre in Mauritius. These premises are right on the beach and convenient for shops and buses. As all of our pupils have free bus passes due to their disabilities, we were able to travel freely, and on the whole everyone was helpful and respectful of our children, especially Rajesh, who is blind.

We visited Casela zoo, which has greatly improved its infrastructure, its animal enclosures, and the viewing facilities for the increased number of animals. Greetings to Sebastien, and all the other Rodriguans who work there. A Great day out!

Thanks to Kathy and Eileen, we visited the salt pans at Tamarin, and Gros Cailloux adventure park, with a mini commando course perfect for young children – even Rajesh completed it with the help of an inventive assistant who guided him over the most difficult parts with discretion and care. I regret that I didn’t note her name.

The Terra Foundation offered us a day at L’Aventure de Sucre and SSR Botanical Gardens, with lunch at their high class restaurant. Our lessons in table manners proved their worth! Thanks to Marie Annick and her team.

The children were touched by our visit to the APDA School for the Deaf, and the very warm welcome we received from the staff there, who then took us to visit Trou aux Cerfs, the extinct volcano at Curepipe, and then dropped us off at the Glass Gallery in Phoenix. Thanks to you all for your friendship – which will be renewed when you come to visit Rodrigues soon.

The 10 days flew by with time for shopping, family visits, and meals at KFC (none in Rodrigues so a must for every trip to MRU).

A special thanks to Mr. Dev, responsible for the Centre at Flic en Flac, and to all those who stopped us just to say hello.

Another successful trip, and we will start fund-raising for the next one when we come back to school in January 2016.

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