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Mrs Carina Newman & Digital Aids

Carina eIn 2012, Dr. Morag Clark invited Susan Auguste to go to UK to look at the advances in hearing aid technology, especially as regards digital hearing aids. While we visited hospitals and Units for the deaf, I met Mrs. Carina Newman, an audiologist and teacher of the deaf from Shrewsbury, who expressed an interest in our project in Rodrigues and offered to help. Thanks to her contacts, and through funding by CSR, we were able to buy digital aids, ear moulds and the necessary laptop and software to programme the aids. Carina came to Rodrigues in April 2013 to fit the aids to our pupils and show the teachers how to use the software and aids to best advantage. After only a few months, the improvement in listening and  talking skills of our pupils was evident and we are pleased to be able to invite Carina back this year. She will be bringing more aids and a new Test Box (financed by the Global Rainbow Foundation).

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