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STELLY  has a profound bilateral hearing loss.  Although she has been known to the Centre for two years, and has Stelly 2014been to Mauritius where she was first fitted with aids, has mother preferred that she attend her local pre-primary school due to the long distance from her home to the Centre. Now aged 5, she is able to come to us in the van with all our pupils who are  unable to travel alone.  [This van, indirectly financed by the Rodrigues Commission for Social Security which refunds the transport of parents who have to accompany their child to a Special Needs school, picks up each child from his home and brings them to the school door then takes them home again in the afternoon. This assures that the children attend regularly and relieves the parents of two long journeys every day.] Stelly, who has now been given Oticon digital hearing aids better adapted to her hearing loss, is a happy little girl who participates in all activities and is already benefiting from the daily individual conversation classes which encourage her spoken language development.

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