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Trip to Mauritius


Trip to Mauritius, 30th October – 10th November, 2013.

The pupils of the GPL Centre first went on an Educational trip to Mauritius in 2010 and it was such a success that we promised the other pupils that we would go again. However, with the state of finances of our parents, most of whom exist on Social Security ‘pensions’, it was not easy to raise the money, even just for the boat tickets. The Centre organized a number of fund-raising events, and sold knitted and crocheted hats at the bus station several months in a row (they became so popular that we couldn’t keep up with demands!) and eventually we were ready to go at the end of the school year. Many of our parents were keen to go especially those who had never been to Mauritius before, so we were a group of 18 children and 18 adults.

The 24 hour voyage on the Mauritius Pride was very comfortable and we were fit to explore our lodgings in a Government Youth Centre on the beach at Flic en Flac. During our 10 day stay, we visited Casela  Zoo; La Vanille Crocodile Park, Pere Laval and Port Louis,  L’Aventure du Sucre and Blue Penny Museum at the invitation of Magna Carta, Mauritius; and Ile aux Aigrettes at the invitation of  Mauritian Wildlife. My thanks to all who welcomed us and showed patience with our often noisy, but interested children.

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