Mission Statement


The Gonzague Pierre Louis Special Learning Centre seeks to provide appropriate special education for children in Rodrigues with hearing or visual impairments, speech and language problems, or other special educational needs.


The GPL Centre, administered by the Trevor Huddleston Association for the Disabled, opened in 1994, and offers rehabilitation, formation and education to children with learning difficulties, particularly those whose speech is delayed either due to deafness or any other cause.

Since most children with learning difficulties have little or no self-confidence, it is vital to work from what the child already knows and gradually build from there, always praising the child for doing well and creating a positive attitude to learning. Children quickly gain self-esteem in this way, and are then prepared to move on to the unknown.

Although the emphasis is on spoken language skills, the children are also taught academic subjects at their own individual pace, and a variety of living skills including hygiene and kitchen crafts, needlework, as well as art and handcrafts, music, songs and poetry, drama and dance, judo and swimming.

The Centre also offers a service of audiology and tympanometry; testing of hearing aids; and ear-mould making to all those who require it in Rodrigues.

Where is Rodrigues?

Rodrigues is a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, 450 miles north-east of Mauritius – to which Rodrigues belongs. Rodrigues is only 40 sq. miles in area and is completely surrounded by a coral reef.  The terrain is hilly and rugged with little flat arable land. Daily flights and weekly voyages of ships from Mauritius bring all that is required to Rodrigues, including tourists who appreciate the peace and unspoiled beauty of the island. There are several hotels, many boarding houses, and a very welcoming population of about 36,000 inhabitants. Government and RCEA (Roman Catholic Education Authority) schools follow the same syllabus as in Mauritius but no provision is made for Special education.